What Is Body Butter?

Body butter is a skin care product that is meant to moisturize the skin, especially for dry skin type. You will find body butters to be most popular during the winter months when cold dry air is most harsh to your skin. Body butter is heavier than creams and lotions, as it has less water in it. Due to the fact that it is made from nutrient-rich ingredients, body butter is used to hydrate and protect the skin. Most body butters use a seed or nut oil as their base ingredient to produce the most hydrating formula possible.

Usually, body butter is made with a seed or nut oil as the main ingredient. The oil is extracted from the chosen nut or seed and then mixed with other essential oils and ingredients to create the body butter. There are many different kinds of body butter available in the market today, with many of them being touted as organic.

There are many different benefits to using body butter, when compared to creams and lotions. Natural body butter is made using only natural ingredients, which are better for your skin and your body in general. It contains a higher level of emollients, which are absorbed into the skin and keep it moisturized. Body butter forms a protective layer over the skin, helping reduce the effects of the sun and hot and cold air. Great body butter will not only hydrate your skin, but will also protect it from the drying effects of the winter air. Many find that their skin is much softer and less prone to cracking or becoming inflamed when they use body butter. While some body butters contain additives and preservatives, the best of them are made from all natural ingredients. One ingredient to be especially wary of is paraben, which has been connected to certain types of cancer. Just take a moment to look at the ingredient list of any potential cream and make sure that it is all natural and you will be safe.

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