Night Cream VS Day Cream

Women use different types of creams like night cream and day cream, the use of day cream and night cream is necessary.

What is the difference between night cream and day cream?

One of the main differences between day and night cream is that day creams have ingredients that protect the skin from Ultra Violet rays whereas the night creams do not have such ingredients. The difference between day cream and night cream are also in use and on its function.

Day Cream

Day cream gives the skin protection from the harmful factors. Day cream designed to further moisturize and protect skin from ultraviolet rays and pollution. It contains more protective ingredients, such as UV protection. The anti-oxidant ingredients help in protecting the skin from deteriorating. Day cream is also useful for preventing skin pigmentation in the light of the sun. Day cream also help in hydrating the skin as there is a possibility of getting dehydrated more in the sun.

Night Cream

Night cream rich in anti-oxidants and moisturizing elements would pay special importance to recovering the spotless effect of the skin, it’s supposed to rejuvenate and nourish your skin instead. Night cream contains ingredients like Vitamin C, retinol and alpha hydroxy acids, which help in strengthening the skin’s defensive shield.

Both a day cream and a night cream have two very different purposes. The night cream works while you sleep, while the day cream is something you have on all day. The compounds have the advantage to penetrate into the skin, and are long enough in the skin, to give effect to the skin.

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